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4 Miles South of Melbourne At
​Valkaria Airport (X59), 2865 Greenbrooke Street, Valkaria, FL 32950

Cessna C152II

Mooney 20C

Pi Aero Management, Inc

Individualized Flight Training & Aircraft Rental

Open Aircraft Rental

Cessna C152II .......... $90 HR, Fuel Included
(2 Place, VFR, VOR & GPS Equipped)

Cessna C-172s .......... $125 HR, Fuel Included
(4 Place, Full IFR Panel, VOR, GPS, MFD, Electronic HSI, 2 Radios, Autopilot)

Mooney M20c .......... $145 HR, Fuel Included
​(4 Place, IFR, VOR, Retractable Gear, Complex Aircraft)

Individual Flight Instruction

CFII Flight Instruction .......... $45 HR

​* Ground School Instruction Available

Specializing In

Flight Instruction from Private to Commercial License

Biennial Flight Review, IFR Training, Complex Rating

Cessna C172s
Nate Stewart CFII

Greg Hish ATP, MEI, CFII
Airport Location: VAA Hangar 71